Things your game cannot have in China

1. Gore * Torture * Satanic immagery * Skulls * Excessive violence * Blood Splats * Nudity * Gambling * Homosexuals * Also now apparently you cannot have a chat Things League of Legends has: 1. - 2. Solo queue 3. Little Devil Teemo skin + Doom Bots 4. ~~Karthus~~ 5. It's literally a game where you kill enemies for money 6. Vladimir 7. Aside from some panty shots nothing 8. Loot Boxes/Crit itemization 9. Neeko/Varus 10. Has a chat There you go Riot, a handy list of things you need to remove to appease your chinese overlords. I'm sure no one in the rest of world would mind to see these things gone. It's funny, really, while the rest of the world is loosening up on censorship (Germany is now even allowing swastikas if they aren't used to promote the third reich) Chine is just diving head first down the opposite path.
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