Permanently Banned, was this enough to ban me permanently? Is this fair?

I was banned for two weeks, and I deserved it because I could not anymore with some teammates. Anyways, I know that I deserved that, but then I got this one game in which this guy started insulting me and I just got permanently banned, below I am attaching the conversation of the entire match. I know sometimes we get carried out by other people, but I tried remaining calm even when someone got afk and another guy calling me "garbage ass" and that she was gonna start to troll because I did not gank often. How would you react to that? Leave me your honest opinions and make league of legends great again! Game 1 Pre-Game PantherCaroso: lux will do PantherCaroso: invade their red In-Game PantherCaroso: lets take it PantherCaroso: well.. PantherCaroso: unnecesary flash PantherCaroso: teemo play safe dude PantherCaroso: what do u mean PantherCaroso: just play safe dude PantherCaroso: ur good PantherCaroso: wtf this teemo will make us lose the game PantherCaroso: teemo wtf PantherCaroso: teemo you made us lose already PantherCaroso: you potatohead PantherCaroso: why every time i have a teemo in my team i lose cause of that r PantherCaroso: theyre always rets PantherCaroso: ... PantherCaroso: are you that d? PantherCaroso: they wouldve died PantherCaroso: id PantherCaroso: yw for carrying ur a ,ux PantherCaroso: free win PantherCaroso: im doing so PantherCaroso: ure 1/4 PantherCaroso: the garbage ass is you PantherCaroso: ok PantherCaroso: reported PantherCaroso: go cry baby PantherCaroso: ok PantherCaroso: reported PantherCaroso: report lux, toxic now she is just trolling PantherCaroso: like that lux? PantherCaroso: carrying your useless ass PantherCaroso: pathetic PantherCaroso: go afk noob PantherCaroso: lol not my acc geniys PantherCaroso: unlike u PantherCaroso: gj bot PantherCaroso: great sup and adc PantherCaroso: also u teemo hahaha PantherCaroso: mvp PantherCaroso: lux youre good for carrying the water PantherCaroso: found u PantherCaroso: lol PantherCaroso: go afk lux? PantherCaroso: please PantherCaroso: lol gj varus PantherCaroso: why so quiet lux PantherCaroso: eqq PantherCaroso: u still 1/4 PantherCaroso: :( PantherCaroso: sad PantherCaroso: hahaha gj PantherCaroso: stole my penta PantherCaroso: sup lux? PantherCaroso: gg
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