You all might wanna really invest some time into learning Ezreal

Granted this is if the PBE goes to live but Ezreal is getting effectively 3 buffs. 1.His ult will no longer have the reduced damage mechanic to champions and epic monsters so he's gonna have much stronger team fight,sniping, and epic monster stealing potential. 2.His W will be getting an Ap ratio buff where each rank into it increase the ratio by 5% up 90% so combined with the last buff we might see a rise in Ap Ez. 3. This one is more indirect but Kleptomancy his most used keystone is being buffed to include the next 2 autos rather than 1 so faster gold generation on an already cheap marksman. So go learn to play him before next patch you god damn wannabes. Sick of you people only learning a champion after they get strong but that means shit cause you don't know how to use them.
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