League of Legends. A Beast of Love

Love is the true force of energy in the universe, it is the positive of passion. Its the anime magic of the real world because with love you can do anything. A long time ago i came onto these boards asking rioters to help me with a request, out of love Concept art for a matching tattoo with a woman i loved, xayah and rakan had been released that spring and like the rest of league, had helped me grow my friendships and helped me grow closer with my partner That was a long time ago, love pulls people apart sometimes too, for magic to be real it must also be volatile, love is fire League is a very different place for me now, what used to be a place where i would get on and play with friends has become, a ghost town, for various reasons, none of my friends play league anymore, couple that with a busy full time work schedule i can only play normal draft and queue up alone, just a silent, toneless piece on my allies computer screen. People love league of legends, for a lot of reasons, everyone has a favorite season, and everyone has a beginning, a place where there love began. And the people who work at riot all undoubtedly love this game, the designers, the artists, the narrative writers, the QA the sound engineers, everyone who works with league does it in part because they love league, in some way. League of legends is a beast of love, where its players are asked to play it so frequently and stay up to date with constant patch cycles and updates and buffs and nerfs and this is not new league of legends has always been like this because the people who make league love league, and they all love it for different reasons And love you pulls you apart sometimes The people who play league are passionate, hate and love are just 2 words for passion, but we're all here because we love this game, even when it makes us wanna strangle our 4/28 bot laners or our jungler who just invades without vision and dies, or your toplaner who loses to wukong as Darius like what?? You get the idea Remember that when you queue up and your silent tonless npc teammate says something in chat, theyre here because they love league too, and they want that love to be reciprocated like you, dont let love pull us apart let it push you forward Because with love, you can do anything
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