I'm moving to EUW (Yes this is an Iron 4 Rant)

I'd rather deal with 100+ ping and not understanding my teammates than this rank system. As someone who legitimately plays fill I can't. The LP splash is insane and even Riot has admitted people like me who honestly play fill get fucked over. Gaining 27/7x4 LP per win doesn't mean shit if I lose 25/8x4. Whose idea was this? Who on PBE let this go through? I'd rather switch to the Korean server and be worse player Korean with 300 ping than deal with this system that punishes people who actually want to help their team and learn as many roles as possible about this game. I get so sick of getting punished for swapping roles because someone got autofilled support and said they are going to throw if they don't get something other than support. I swap roles so often I've even gotten the message about if I do it too many times I won't get my preferred roll which is stupid because I play fill. Then I get punished with harder LP drops and less LP per win. Now I see why people honestly play shit like SIon jungle and int. This whole system is frustrating to hell. I know I don't deserve higher than Silver. I know I'm bad. I know I need to work on improving but it's so frustrating when Riot encourages you to be a team player and you get shafted for being a team player. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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