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Worlds 2017
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Hi, I'm a one trick Zac main, who by no means is good at the game, but I'm not that stupid to not figure out how broken something is in League of Legends. Let's talk a little about Ardent Censor {{item:3504}} . Riot (More Meddlers Fault [x9 him]) seems to neglect the fact that Ardent Censor has basically become a champion. This item has become something in which, if you don't have, you're basically considered trolling. Supports now are taking gold per 5 seconds runes just to rush ardent even faster, and not to mention, IT'S THE FIRST ITEM THEY BUY. An item that surpasses buying sight stone, boots or anything else is ridiculous. Also, adc's are going relic shield just to help the gold income for supports. Another point I want to mention is how Worlds is doing. Watching worlds this year has become boring as all hell. Seeing these top players either always first picking ardent supports or banning them has made it the most boring thing to watch. I'd rather eat popcorn and sit down while watching my dog take a crap on my lawn. This is ridiculous. The funny thing is, they always try to find a way to shove an ardent censor support by doing off meta or cheese. One of the games I watched contained a Zilean with Stone Born Pack who rushed ardent just to get ardent censor into the team as all other ardent supports were banned. How does this fly past Riots head? It seems that every patch, something is extremely broken and I'm sick of it. Yes, we do have 5 bans to remove most of the broken champions, but why should I have to do that? A game shouldn't be this unbalanced that I have to constantly ban the same champions over, and over again. You would think that after years of the game being out, they would have enough practice time to actually make a balanced patch that had nothing really broken. Look at Dota 2 as an example, their Internationals (Version of worlds) contained almost all Heroes (Champions), meaning almost EVERY CHAMPION WAS PLAYED. This meant that they actually had a balanced patch, that the meta wasn't a solid 5 champions and it made the game interesting. Dota 2 keeps this consistent over the years and it makes me jealous. When you see something broken, you fix it, you don't let the problem persist in hopes that we forget about it. I'm pissed and I want a patch in which I can play anything I want without being one shotted by a Kog'Maw {{champion:96}} when I built full tank. Balancing seems to be something that is too hard to handle for Riot. They always over nerf or over buff a item and champion, which in return, makes them useless or over powered. I can't understand how they mess this up, they have the PBE to test these changes and plan ahead, how is there still a problem. Oh...I know, they left the balancing to a silver player who would rather see Shyvana {{champion:102}} be nerfed then a Cho'Gath {{champion:31}} who can reach over 10k health. Sorry Meddler, but you aren't fit for the role. You will lead the game to its death by pushing away millions of players due to simple mistakes that can be fixed. I don't know why Riot doesn't give the job to a high elo player who has more experience in the game, and in which can actually know what will be broken and what won't. That's the problem, they rather give power to a man that is equivalent to Donald Trump in the world of League of Legends. It's sad, it's disgraceful and it shouldn't end up like this. I love League of Legends and I've invested way to much time and money to abandon this game due to constant mistakes that can be fixed. Make the game fun, make it enjoyable, don't make it something in which I want to pull my hair out after playing. [{IMPORTANT}] I know everyone has their own opinion on this matter, and I will respect every single one of them. This is my opinion and my view on this matter. I'm not trying to destroy and hurt Meddlers image, he seems to be a cool guy from what I've seen through the multiple League of Legends videos. I'm just mad about everything that is happening and I want something done about it. I congratulate you on making it to this point, I personally thank you. GL on the rift Summoners!
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