Bring Back All The Old Game Modes And Start New Ones Too

I like the idea of making new game modes! They have just introduced Teamfight Tactics which looks interesting but Riot needs to keep the game modes they create and make each of them better over time instead of getting rid of everything they created. I wanna see what everyone in the league community says about keeping all the new game modes. Rather than Riot getting rid of the game modes maybe they will actually keep some if we make this conversation big enough! Examples of game modes that never stayed or were temporary are: Nexus Blitz; Ascension; Ultra Rapid Fire (URF); and One For All. They can be a lot of fun! :) Thank you for your time. There is a vote below that is either for keeping the game modes Riot created (all of them) or Making them temporary and then they disappear (the same way it is now). Also sorry about the dumb typo at the bottom because its unfixable... xD
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