Season 9 low diamond has a problem.

Since Riot gave us the great elo inflation, now everyone can think of themselves more highly when reaching ranks they certainly would never reach on literally any other season. Low diamond is elohell. My main account finished D1 last season, but I got banned. So this season I've been playing on an account which finished P1, which is my smurf. I liked it how you could almost exactly reach the same rank you were last season by playing placements, however since I started playing late in to the season, I'm playing with people who got either boosted, lucky or something else. Low diamond currently has everyone who finished p5-p1, and a few late starters. As mentioned above my main finished D1, and I am a jungle main. But the contrast between people who finished p5 and people who finished p1 is too high. People who struggled to get into low plat are literally golds and their ego is inflated to the point where they see no mistakes in their own play because they've "improved" so much since last season. I can not win games in low diamond. I do have a 57% win rate in 120 games so far, but still my mmr is bad and I'm forced to play with lower intelligence swains. I gain 14 lp and lose 18. Is this how you decided to solve the issues with people complaining about ranked not being fun to play? Because this is not the solution. And quite frankly now I got perma banned again for telling my teammates how to play the game and tilting off the face of this ground because them not listening and blaming me and others blindly for their own mistakes. Thank you. Good game :). Have fun on the rift everyone.
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