My friend lost his job

So my friend worked at the local home improvement store. He had worked there for about 2 years and nobody had complained about him at all until recently. They switched him to the bath and kitchen section - mostly dealing with remodeling homes and stuff. He was friendly and informative to everyone who stopped by to ask him questions about stuff like new backsplashes for their bathroom, which showers were best for this or that, and how much electricity a refridgerator model would use. But he kept messing up and making little mistakes. Like one couple ordered some custom tile design in green and grey, but he ended up marking it down as blue and grey by mistake. It cost the store a lot of money to fix the order, but it was an honest mistake. He of course had to go in and talk to his boss and apologize and stuff, but he never said anything overtly rude about the guy - despite how bossy he was. A couple weeks later, this guy doing remodeling several kitchens for rental units ordered 10 of one type of cabinet and four of another, but my buddy misheard and marked down fourteen of the first one. The store had to pay to fix this for the customer again. And that led to another talk with his boss. Well, 6 honest mistakes and a few lost customers later and his boss basically told him he was a crappy worker and was fired. What kind of boss would say such a thing to an employee like that just for a few honest simple mistakes? It's not like the guy was stealing money from the company. Or like he got caught making fun of his boss's toupee being on lopsided half the time. So anyway, a bunch of people are boycotting the store now over my friend getting fired for that stuff. So just beware if you are in my home town and looking to get hired by the home improvement store, you might want to look for a different job. Anyways, depending on how things all turn out... I may have a reveal about this whole situation later.
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