A PSA to Riot Games

I had played World of Warcraft for the past 11 years. I was a Blizzard fanboy and avid blizzard forum warrior, until the company i loved changed from being a community centered company that listened to its fanbase and players to a money mongering Titan that couldnt care less what the community thought and more on what they bought. I am no longer a Blizzard fanboy. I am a Riot fanboy, but i am seeing the same self destructive behavior from riot. Releasing skins that are mere re-colors behind a 50 dollar paywall is NOT a customer centered decision. What happened to the Riot that made balance changed based on what the masses thought were problems. Why now is this games balance completely based on a dying E-Sport scene. They are not your players. We are. Chromas are not a consumer friendly product. They are just there to give stupid people another thing to waste their hard earned coin on. Stop draining the people you already have brought to the game and make decisions that will bring in new players that will love your game the way i used too. Do not follow in suit of Blizzard. They are the fastest failing game company (other than bethesda) I've ever seen and I love Riot and League too much to see them befall the same fate Blizzard has. Sincerely, a concerned fanboy.
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