Morgana's Teeth

So far I've been loving the updates on Kayle and Morgana. Though I've seen complaints about Kayle's armor looking like a skinsuit (already addressed) and some of Morgana's VFX still being outdated on some of her skins. Though I haven't seen anybody talk about Morgana's teeth. [After a failed flower picking joke]( her mouth stretches out and her teeth are bared. [After her taunt]( she shows us those pearly whites. [And at the tail end of her ultimate]( The still images do me no justice in explaining how weird and freakish her baring her teeth this way is but I hope the point comes across. I'm not sure if I'm the only one put off/very displeased with this specific part of her but I'd like to know. Her teeth look massive. You can count them and they stick out like a sore thumb. The rest of her looks so sleek and delicate and then she comes out with these giant chompers. In-motion it just gets worse. But I'm willing to accept if I'm the small minority who thinks this.
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