Ok I think I'm gonna at least take a break from watching Fairy Tail for a while (animu recs)

I really liked the Edolas arc and it gave me hope for the show, but the Tenrou Island arc that followed was pretty lame for the most part and the next arc has started out super boring. Lucy losing half her clothing in every fight and having boobs shoved in my face every 30 seconds to interrupt the story is super annoying. Lucy is a bad MC and is a useless, walking bag of boobs basically. Wendy is egirl support healer that cries every 5 minutes. In the 125 episodes I've watched there have been about 100 deaths that were saved by friendship at the last second. Most of the fighting is super boring and rinse and repeat. -Enemy is LITERALLY impossible to beat -A main/minor character dies, but jk not really -Lucy or Wendy start crying at some point -Friendship makes someone overpowered for 30 seconds -Enemy gets knocked out and everyone wins. The show and premise is super cool and I want to like it, but the awful writing and excessive fan service completely ruin it for me. Maybe I'll pick it up again if I get bored. Give me new animu recs in the comments. I like Code Geass, Kill la Kill, and Gurren Lagann. https://i.imgur.com/oL1bUl1.jpg[/img]
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