I love filling out little league surveys.

Im a psych major, so a lot of what I do day to day has to do with research. Im used to talking about mental illness, family dynamics, etc. But the League surveys are like a little refresher. Its like something I enjoy, but is stressful, mixed with one of my favorite things to do in my free time. I like thinking about what Riots trying to figure out, what the goal is, what I think the community at large is responding with, why I think the community is responding that way, and so on. I feel like a giga nerd now that I type it out hahaha but I really do enjoy them! Even the meme april fools day ones they gave to streamers were awesome! i feel like I always hear streamers and stuff complain about them or use them as an opportunity to flame Riot which is kind of a bummer. But for what it counts theres parts of the community that enjoy them.
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