Anyone else struggling to play Eve and similarly long setup champs in Nexus Blitz?

I feel like I'm playing her wrong after games, but while I'm in games, I just always feel like I'm going to get collapsed on and there's rarely a good moment to single someone out. Plus, charm has such a long setup time that they're usually dead by the time it goes off/We lose the fight because I didn't kill someone fast enough/they die before the charm is even done setting up. I only played her for the mission, but when I play her on rift I never really feel like I have the same problem. Her style works fine. But in Nexus blitz..? So am I alone in this or is anyone else struggling? Also the urf true damage burn is completely annoying on her since you have to be out of stealth apparently for it to not burn you, and she gets blown up instantly in urf of course either way. On the other hand, I've seen Aatrox struggle a lot as well since he has a little bit of ramping up to do. Maybe that's just me. I haven't played Aatrox in the mode yet myself.
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