Locking Victorious skins makes people more likely to buy accounts.

Look I get it, those of you that have been playing League since the Stone-age have the " ITS MINE AND YOU CAN'T HAVE IT " mentality in regards to older victorious skins. It's incredibly obnoxious, and disheartening to players that favor a champ but weren't around to claim a reward 5 years ago. There have been several posts about people pleading for the option to choose a victorious skin of their choice, as an end of season reward. Personally, I'm all for it. Let the entitled cry babies whine that they aren't as special any more because members of the community that worked hard to have good sportsmanship and played well all season, earned a skin they have piling dust in their collection. You seem to be doing a lot of advertising on why account sharing/buying/trading is a big NO NO, Riot, however this will always happen if you lock down certain skins that will NEVER be attainable to more of the newer player base.
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