How to explain to your parents that you cannot disconnect from an online game mid-match.

Hey League Fam, I am a mom and a Summoner in League. There are some of you who are now back at school, and have had to AFK mid-match because your parents want you to DC. As a Summoner myself, I get how frustrating that may be for you. And as a mom, and someone who is older than the majority of this community, I get why your parents may maybe struggling to understand why you cannot just disconnect. Everyone has different experiences, but the following is only advice from my point of view and is only my opinion from my own experiences. It may not be a fit for your own. Take it or leave it. There are 3 things you can do to avoid frustrating your fam, both your team and your IRL family. I like to remember these things as PIE. mmmmm, pie. 1. be **P**roactive 2. have **I**ntention 3. share the **E**xcitement 1. be PROACTIVE Educate them on this sport, this new game that you are playing. a) Show your parents the game. Log in and play an ARAM. Show them that there are real people on your team, and you are not playing with _or_ against the computer. Let me tell you a secret, there is a generational gap here because back in our days of going to the arcade or Chuck E Cheese, it was usually only ourselves versus the environment. So the concept of people playing with AND against you, _at the same time_ is a bit mind blowing. b) Watch a pro League match with them. Pull up one from any of the Riot eSports channels and show them that there are real people, and real emotion behind the plays. This will also be mind blowing. Depending on the match you choose, they might see the catharsis this game has and how it can truly be respected as the sport you want it to be known as. 2. have INTENTION Carve out time to prep your parental unit for the time you need to commit. a) Let them know you are going to be going into a match, and that you will need 45-60 minutes. b) Or better yet, and here is a MOBAmommy tip right here for ya, ask them if they will need you for anything (ie. to do that chore, or eat that meal) before you start gaming. Let them know that your teammates are depending on you to be on the field for that amount of time. 3. share the EXCITEMENT Share your passion with your parental unit. a) Let your parental unit know that you just had an awesome match, or a not so awesome match. Let them see your desire to do your best and the competitive aspect of this game. b) As a parent, I want to know about what you are interested in, and what is driving your generation. At least I would as a parent gain valuable insight into what new Olympic competition may happen in the near future. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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