We need a Ban system rework...

Hello everybody, Now I have only been playing league for a short period of time. Although I have played a fair share of on-line games League has, by far, the worse community in game that I have ran into. Yet it seems, with that being said, that they don't punish enough. I am not going to stand around and say that i am the perfect player. Yes I tilt and sometimes come off as a A-hole. But it seems that some people can run off at the mouth and not get anything. I have recent ran into a game of mine where no one besides a certain player was having a hard time. he then went on to blame me, and call me a hand full of names. So I muted him. Then in the end game screen he went on to "report me" and called me even more names. Yet I know that this player won't get anything and still go on with his offensive ways. So long story short, why did we get a reworked Honor system when we need a **_MAJOR overhaul _**to the ban system?
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