You know, i often feel like i wish i had never found this game.

I know, this comes off as another "reee, i lost in Ranked! Fuck Yasuo and Riven and all those goddamn broken shit champs that have ruined the game! Reeee!!! Fuck balance team, i'm out! *keeps playing*" No. It's more about how League has impacted my life in general. Right now, i am about to buy components to build a new computer. I'm continuing high school and working at the same time. You'd think "Well, League seems like a nice way to pass the time inbetween, no?" used to, but it's not anymore. Let me explain. The idea i had when i first found this game was "Wew, a strategy game that i can understand and actually doesn't require me to control 68 individual units separately at the same time." Well, so i decided to get gud. Regardless of my success, the game got "old" to me over time. Matchups i've seen thousands of times on the same map i've played literally thousands of times by now with the toxic kinds of people that shouldn't be allowed on the internet. So as i anticipate my new computer, i also anticipate tons of new games i'm going to play. But this requirement that i never fall off League and always stay up to date is pressuring me to play a game i don't really enjoy when there is so little left to enjoy. Did i love playing Kayn the first 100 games? Hell yes. Do i now? Well, it depends on the game. I mean as a veteran player, i've seen every single champion and played every single champion. The only thing i haven't finished doing for the "full account experience" is get all champs+rune pages as i am still buying the rune pages. (22/25 right now. boi!) And that's the problem. League burns you out pretty quickly but it's also an addiction that has interfered with my school a lot and has put me off from doing everything but playing League at times. Not to mention i literally cannot quit the game as i have a lot of money put into this account, years of my time, memories, friends, personal history and all that sentimental stuff. It's like giving away something that you spent 4 years working on almost every day like it's nothing. But then again, i do want to turn a fresh page. I just..can't.
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