If you want to introduce LGBT characters, then make a new champion

dont turn original characters and update current pre-existing lore which has been there for years for mains to enjoy, lore that contradicts them being gay and change it drastically by removing key characters to fit your new perspective of them (this sounds like fanfic funny enough) examples of champions with lore that contradicts them being (solely) gay {{champion:23}} married {{champion:498}} with rakan {{champion:41}} illaoi was his first love {{champion:122}} child hood sweetheart from the comic (give this a read) {{champion:110}} had a wife and child in his old lore examples of champions with lore that have nothing to do with their sexual orientation and would have better reception to this update {{champion:254}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:91}} funny enough they had a chance to make a rework of an original character and embrace it{{champion:44}} but not one thing of his update gives me any reason to believe he is gay, only thing i see is him being flamboyant this kind of stuff is currently happening in marvel/dc comics where they take already existing characters and change them to be a part of LGBT to fit into modern standards, modern standards im perfectly fine with but the first part im not and a lot of people seem to agree because DC and marvel was hit with heavy backlash of unnecessary and almost shameless changes to their favorite characters riot please learn from this, the story for updated varus is beautiful and great on paper i just wish it was done on a new champion my personal opinion Edit: as a lore fanatic i need you guys to know i am fully aware that the new varus himself isnt gay the two humans trapped as his host are who im refering to mostly is varus from the old lore, varus the defender of an an evil he was sworn to protect but ended up using as his village and family (wife and child were slaughtered) that varus wasnt a darkin his name was varus
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