Riot's New Champ is Proof They Don't Care

this is proof they dont give a shit about the game, the balance, the fun, and the players. The game is already unbalanced, and champions are still overpowered and not being fixed, I dont get it at all. Why are they making more work for themselves when they already cant do shit. Not only that buts its ANOTHER AD assassin, as if akali hasnt been a bitch enough after her rework, and Rengars resent "rise to power", we have to worry about another probably super overpowered champ with a stun, leap, dash, slow, AD assassin coming out of nowhere and 1 shotting your entire team. Your probably gonna down-vote and be like "haha your wrong" and say some silver casual brainwashed player shit. open your eyes people. THIS GAME IS GOING DOWN A PIT IT CANT CLIMB {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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