Mathy Math Math - Leveling and BE

_Fair Warning, Estimated Values used_ So if exclude the fact that the board isn't outraged that everyone is level 30 at Preseason (RIP my like 1700 hours), we can all agree that the "Overwatch" approach to leveling will be an interesting thing to deal with. So using numbers found [here]( and [here]( lets do some math to guess if this will be bad or not. We'll use 30 minutes per game as our base average (As the ff@15 is important, but so are the hour long games, 10 minutes past the usual ff feels about right) So is put our XP equation as f(x) = 3m + 25 and we'll bring up IP later. So then the average amount of XP per win given our estimated average is 115. Since I can't find the % loss if you lose I'll put it at 75%. So given then that a win is 115 a loss would be 86~. Since in the perfect world you have a 50/50 win/loss percent. The average for total games is now 102~. Using the value from the leveling table we have 1340 XP needed for a level up. 1340 / 102~ = 13.14 or 14 games needed for the first level up. Now for simplicities sake level assume it stays at that value. Since it only leaves us with 14 XP it actually averages out to 13.5 games for each level. So then one level is equal to 13.5 games or roughly 6.75 hours. How much IP can you get from 13.5 games? Well if w(x) = 18 + 2.312x and l(x) = 16 + 1.405, then the average of those would be y(x) = 17 + 1.8585. Throw in the 30 minute average and you get 73 IP on average from a game. So how much IP do you get from a level? A normal level up would be around 982~ IP. So how much BE can one get from a level? Well given [this]( reddit article since the average skin shard is worth 260 BE and Riot is using a 6.5 multiplier across the board on BE when the time comes, that means on average you'll receive 1690 BE on a level up. Given that I only need 4800IP Champs (Besides stupid Ornn) Which system would I prefer? Factoring out first win of the day bonus since we don't know what the new one will give out it comes to 66 games to get the IP. With the new System you can't directly divide, which means we go 4800 / 1690 = 2.84 levels, or 3 levels, 3 * 13.5 = 38.4 games, so we round that 39 games. So if the Riot doesn't make the XP needed for each post 30 level increase that means it takes 2/3 of the games needed in the new system to get a 4800. Even if they kept the current gain between 29 - 30 it'll take a while for the new system to lose to the old system. Might mean it won't take people 1800 and 3 seasons to get the full roster. New kids won't understand the grind.
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