Riot extreme favoritism strikes again.

In the battle academy line yuumi was add onto the skin line after it the original champs were chosen. this means ez lux graves jayce and kat where the original 5. 4 of the 5 of these champions now have 10+ skins. on top of that 3 of them have got skins in last 6 months so riot chose 3 champs with tons of skins to already choose from with even more skins mid production for this skin line. I get you need to make money riot but you really couldn't choose at least 1 or 2 champions that were unpopular for this skin. champ like kalista have 2 skins in five years both of which are esport related one of which wasn't even chosen by you but was force to make by an world champion. meanwhile champs like lux and ezreal who already have over 10 skins get 2 skins in less than half a year. just so disappointing knowing that 20champions get 90% of the attention while the other 130 are left fighting over the remaining 10% of table scraps.
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