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So i'm hard-stuck gold player(tbh cant get above gold 4 so more like hard-stuck silver but you know .....). Q) Are the new patches making game more playable? A) Over the last couple of patches games seems to be getting better and more playable than it was during patch 9.1. Q) Is Sylas broken? A) I really hate sylas and i think he is broken BUT he is new champ, the more we play against him the better the match up will become. Right now most of the people dont know how sylas abilities works so,they blame he is overpowered(including me). So is sylas broken? idk but after couple of months we will know( definitely not the answer you were looking for) Q) What do you think about the new ranked system? A) I really like the concept and i think this is a really cool change. I have been getting my roles more frequently now, which is awesome. LP gains and loss are a bit questionable sometimes though(just a BIT). Q) How are the new skins? A) THEY ARE COOL AF. I like how most of the new skins are so well designed and have something unique in them.I think riots skin team has really stepped up. They listen to what community wants and try to implement it as soon as possible. Q) How about the lores? A) I don't usually read lores but the ones i have read ARE TOTALLY AWESOME, and so well written. When i saw the collab between marvel and riot, i was excited to see what you all about to bring in the future. Personally i like reading comics more than books, so when ashe's comic came out it i was thrilled. THE STORIES ARE SOOO COOL. Would love to watch animated series too XD. Q) What do you want to change about the game? A) BOUNTIES:- though riot mentioned they are gonna look at it in patch 9.5 so its gonna get fixed. Client:- It works, but you know sometimes it doesn't. Would be awesome if it doesn't freezes frequently. aram:-cant we just make all champs available for aram?(so you get any one randomly out of all) Blue essence:- I like playing all champs so i would love to unlock all of them but even after playing for 2 years i still don't have all. Icons/borders:- I would love if we had the power to choose which border our icon has. Some borders goes so well with some icons but then you level up and then ITS RUINED. Pings:- typing takes time need more pings to tell teammates what to do. Like "place ward here" "push wave" "hold the wave"/"freeze wave" "back off" "take care" "TEEMO HIDING HERE"etc. Q) What about rotating game modes? A) I LOVE THEM, and i like how they stay for such a long time. Nexus Blitz is really cool concept and has been implemented perfectly. ARURF now is more playable and with the power to switch champs with the re-rolled ones MAKES IT MUCH BETTER. Can we have one RGM after other ended. So like if arurf ends today we get next RGM within couple of days? I know this would be hard to pull off, as all RGMs have to go thought numerous testing before being out but WOULDN'T IT BE AWESOME? Q) what about the new loading screen? A) the new loading screen is scary come on, i am trying out new champ (0 points) and i see i'm laning against 1,000,000 points yasuo IS SCARY. at least earlier i didnt knew that so i played normally but now when i see that i am scared. Q) New champs and reworks? A) I love seeing new champs and how they work. I LOVE ALL THE ABILITIES THEY HAVE. I don't care if its gonna be broken or not ,i just love seeing the concepts which rioters come up with.Which i think you all also have to agree. They might be annoying to deal with but they are awesome. As for the rework, i hate the concept. its like killing the old champ and replacing it with new champs. But now riot is trying to keep the core concept same for the champs which doesn't make it that bad. Some additional stuff which isn't important: So now you know i like playing new champs but there isn't any mode where i can truly test out my skills. If i go normal match with new champ i might be against diamond player and if you already didn't knew , it ends badly. And by that it kinda ruins my mood for that champ. Yeah there are practice mode and pve for learning but i need to lane against someone of my level to truly learn the champ. Right now its 50/50 if i get laned against someone OP or someone same as me. I know i didn't put any champs or items which needs to changed and there is a reason why. I think riot knows what they are doing and i trust them. If some champ or item is broken they will fix it. i believe in them. That is it for now. PEACE
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