Should I have gotten banned for this?

In-Game BawssDudee: gg ! BawssDudee: we win BawssDudee: i was gonna use the other one with the gun BawssDudee: dw BawssDudee: i carry anyway BawssDudee: top kinda free BawssDudee: ^ BawssDudee: wait BawssDudee: ? BawssDudee: i was talking to her BawssDudee: rift BawssDudee: rift please BawssDudee: i said BawssDudee: get rift BawssDudee: ... BawssDudee: gank top? BawssDudee: wheres BawssDudee: i was gonna ask wheres their jg BawssDudee: but i died BawssDudee: yea BawssDudee: i was typing BawssDudee: wait BawssDudee: wtf BawssDudee: hes ged BawssDudee: *fed BawssDudee: no BawssDudee: im actually not BawssDudee: im shaking and crying BawssDudee: y e s BawssDudee: jg diff BawssDudee: wtf are yall doing BawssDudee: i can not BawssDudee: 3 v 1 BawssDudee: u gonna help cait BawssDudee: ? BawssDudee: wow BawssDudee: gg BawssDudee: ff BawssDudee: no BawssDudee: u are the reasn we lose BawssDudee: go get good BawssDudee: pls BawssDudee: and reported BawssDudee: gj BawssDudee: worth BawssDudee: cait BawssDudee: press b BawssDudee: HAHAHHAHAHHA JHIN BawssDudee: U OK??????? BawssDudee: u guys only came back bc lee sin BawssDudee: inted early BawssDudee: yes BawssDudee: i know BawssDudee: its bait BawssDudee: i know its bait BawssDudee: my dog BawssDudee: ? BawssDudee: gg BawssDudee: ! BawssDudee: reporting karma BawssDudee: dw BawssDudee: and lee sin BawssDudee: ! BawssDudee: inting BawssDudee: trolling BawssDudee: griefign BawssDudee: enjoy your 2 week vacation BawssDudee: not my prob BawssDudee: yes i do BawssDudee: or u wont learn BawssDudee: i do BawssDudee: wtf u doin cait BawssDudee: im asking BawssDudee: gg ! BawssDudee: nice game ! BawssDudee: we all tried ! BawssDudee: so fun ! BawssDudee: nice one karma BawssDudee: ! Post-Game BawssDudee: gg ! BawssDudee: i won top! BawssDudee: but we lost ! BawssDudee: gg ! BawssDudee: fun game ! BawssDudee: im glad we all tried our best !
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