A lot of LOL players are spoiled

Okay so this thought was pretty drilled into my head yesterday when I was playing some jungle. From top to support we had Rammus,Shaco(Me),Lux,Ezreal,and Thresh vs the enemy who had Karma,Malphite(Ap),Vladimir,Kai'sa,and Alistar. So the thing that bugs the hell out of me is when the game starts to go down hill Mid blames me for not putting pressure on Vladimir (Despite them being shoved the whole time,not warding at all,not landing any important skill shots, and it's a Vladimir so he's not exactly know for being an easy dive/gank) but the thing that gets to me most is when the Ezreal and Thresh say the same thing to which I response "What the fuck are you talking about?!" cause I basically camped bot side and let's see gank 1 killed Alistar for First blood all enemy sums popped,gank 2 kills both with all sums and ults popped, gank 3 a 3 for 1 with all enemy ults and so on and so forth. You mean to tell me despite all of that you were unable to get any pressure or a lead from it cause I gank Rammus once in a loop gank and he's winning lane but you can't do anything with all the time I gave you and you got the balls to say I gave you no pressure? I mean what you want to play your champ next?! This happens a lot because you people tend to not want a teammate you want a frigging babysitter which is worse. The people who are doing well and the rest of your team doesn't want a pro player or something like that either they just want you to at least do what you signed up for and take care of yourself even a little bit. Seriously we don't exactly want Faker or Uzi or anything like that we just want you to not completely shit the bed note the operating word of completely cause yeah you can fuck up a little bit as long as it doesn't drag everyone else down. But the worst part is when someone does completely shit the bed,screwing up in every way possible,makes terrible calls, but then they expect you to bail them out by cleaning up the mess. Oh Nasus you got 2 kills at top now help me fight the 9/0/5 Veigar at 13 minutes while also watching for the jungler who got all the assist and the enemy bot lane who are also kind fed from his roams. Also when someone gets the champ they want to play banned and they decide to be a completely prick out it and feed or troll or they first time something is ranked and brush off all advice on how to play that champ before dying... a lot...before blaming someone else for their issues. The point is this is a team game and if you aren't willing to put in some effort or anything useful it quickly turns into a lopsided fight. Here's a tip: (I'm gonna start doing this whenever I post) If you are playing Tyrndamere and you are facing a team that makes you unsure if you can get your ult off in time maybe use it preemptively. Cause if they are able to one shot you and you ult before they start you can have a better chance at survival instead of reactionary when the damage starts.
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