Please tell me this doesn't happen to me only.

I made 2 games today, as u can see by the numbers of wins and this Now, did you notice something similar? They both ended at min 16 and 15. Now, this is the only thing that tilts me in LoL: whenever the enemy team has a SLIGHT disadvantage, they act like they're 5 premades who istantly decides "Guys, they stomped us on all 3 lanes, let's just ff and try with a new game, ok?" "Ok!" bum, insta ff with 5 yes. Whenever i'm in the losing team and even if the enemy team has 20k gold of advantage and we're on the score of 40-5 for them i get the "NOOO NEVER FF XD XD WE CAN WIN XD LET LEE SIN SCALE XD" WHY. Why do i always get at least the 2 guys who have nothing better to do than waste 40 min in a lost game and whenever i'm winning enemy team insta ff's at 15. Why.
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