Malphite stat growth and kit is imbalanced for his burst when building AP

I played qiyana jg vs ap malph. At level 13 I was 2 kills and 30 cs ahead. Had hexdrinker thats +35 mr. I know qiyana is squishy by nature. I had 81 MR total. He had full AP items and a cloth armor thats +15 armor. I was one level up on him. He still had 121 armor and I had only 81 MR despite this, even with hexdrinker passive, his combo and short chase killed me. Even got R on him and 2 rock Qs while he was under 50% HP. Even tank malphite's burst is too much for how game changing that ult is. Unstoppable + the hardest CC in the game + synergy with yasuo. His base damage on R and its scaling needs to be toned down hard.
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