@Riot What you should know when giving Nunu his VGU.

[](https://imgur.com/fkL1NLW) https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/LOL_CMS_199_Article_05_n993vzizyapssmvb4gsc.gif Hello, my name is **_ A Nunu_**. I am a mono Nunu 1 trick that has played him for an extremely long time, and I am currently in Diamond as we speak. I am extremely passionate about this champion and the community that plays him too. I'm here to try and tell Riot what I believe should be done with Nunu in his VGU. Anyways.. {{champion:20}}: Here we go! https://i.imgur.com/dAfLKws.jpg https://i.imgur.com/InEXNIy.png #What needs to be IMPROVED? **1. Nunu should be more noticeable in the human-yeti champion duo. ** Currently, Nunu is so unnoticeable that even some players confuse Willump, the yeti to be the actual champion. On top of that, even some players don't know if they're playing as Nunu or Willump. **2. A more focused kit.** Bring more focus on macro play and tactics, forget mechanics. **3. Nunu's ability to use runes.** Currently, Guardian and Spellbook are LITERALLY the only viable runes that Nunu can use. Nunu needs some tweaking in order to make it so that Nunu can actually use more runes such as adding some hard CC so that he can use Aftershock. https://i.imgur.com/InEXNIy.png #What makes Nunu UNIQUE? **1. Nunu's gameplay changes as the game goes on.** This is important because the fact that Nunu's gameplay evolves during the game is what makes playing Nunu constantly refreshing to play, despite his extremely simple kit. I REALLY hope Riot will at least try to keep this. Early game: Generally, in the early game, Nunu players will try and make the most assertive plays that they can. This would be things such as taking early dragons, counter jungling, cheesing, diving with ult, waiting in bush to one-shot with an ult, etc. Q: Very strong damage for early game, setting the foundation for his strong macro. W: Used for movement speed and clear speed for macro play E: Ganks R: Strong burst spell used for ambushes, ganks, counter ganks, etc. Late game: Nunu will be extremely passive, and generally won't make assertive plays that don't involve objectives. Nunu will just sit on top of his carries until a fight starts, using locket, E and ult to peel. Occasionally, there will be situations where it's better for him to be the engager. Q: Securing/stealing objectives, movement speed to help with warding. W: W on mages to help sieges, W on ADC to help with teamfights, W speed buff helps with warding. E: Movement speed and attack speed debuff help with peel. R: Disengage, engage, followup engages. **2. Nunu is the only champion that peels in the way he does.** He debuffs an entire team in an area around him for a decent amount of time, creating a safe space for your team, while also buffing the squishies. Who else does that? Nobody. He also is the only tank champion that focuses on stealing offensive stats (attack speed) in order to peel (other than Trundle, but he's a bruiser). I sometimes like referring him as a "stat juggler", as he gives allies stats, and takes them away from enemies. **3. His ability to counter jungle.** No other tank in the game can counter jungle the way he does. He sacrifices his ability to skirmish champions for his ability to kill monsters. https://i.imgur.com/InEXNIy.png #What makes Nunu FUN? **1. Nunu is primarily played because if the fact that he is extremely annoying to play against.** This is the main reason Nunu players play Nunu. It's essential. It's also extremely hilarious to steal a camp from someone, CTRL + 6 and then just walk away without anything that the enemy can do because you're too tanky and fast. **2. His ultimate.** Undoubtedly the most satisfying ability in Nunu's kit, and in my opinion, the most satisfying in the game. It's a gigantic channel that not only lowers stats for peeling/catching people out, but then also creates a GIGANTIC ice explosion that deals an absurd amount of damage. It not only sounds awesome, but feels awesome too. **3. Nunu's movement speed** It makes Nunu feel like he's got a ton of fluidity in his macro decisions, and who doesn't like moving fast? I sure as hell do. Whenever I play any other champion, I legitimately feel awful without the movement speed buff. https://i.imgur.com/InEXNIy.png #What should be KEPT in the new VGU? (Other than the above) **1. Nunu's focus on macro** Nunu is not a mechanical champ, and it should be kept that way. He is a champion that rewards a player that can read what a player will do, where they will be, and what camps that can be stolen. Nunu's simplicity also makes him a great tool for teaching players of a lower skill level how the jungle works, and how to counter jungle. **2. Nunu's ability to counter jungle** Nunu's movement speed, Q, and ult are the main reasons why he can do this. Plus, it's a massive part of Nunu's identity. Taking this away from him would make Nunu feel nothing like the champion he is today. **3. Nunu Bot's laugh.** Keep it. **Or else.** https://i.imgur.com/InEXNIy.png #What should Riot definitely NOT do? **1. Take away his identity and what makes him unique.** The LAST thing Riot needs in season 8 is another bland tank that does absolutely nothing for the champion pool that players can pick from. I mean, look at the list of tanks right now. Jeez. **2. Take away his ability to be annoying.** There's literally nothing less fun than playing a tank that has no mechanics, and farms a ton without any bit of spice added to it. Nunu's ability to be annoying is the only thing that supplements this. It's the same case as Singed. Making Nunu a mechanical champion would again, take away some of his identity and change his gameplay as a whole. **3. Make him an enager.** Nunu is a hard-core warden in the late game. Many people don't know this for some reason since he's somewhat a forgotten champion. Of course, giving Nunu the option to engage is always open, but come on man. **{{champion:202}}. Change his name to Nunu & Willump.** I'll be sad. **:(** _P.S if you do, you might as well change Kled's name to Kled & Skaarl and Quinn's name to Quinn & Valor. _ https://i.imgur.com/InEXNIy.png Anyways, I hope that Riot will at least look at this post. This is a Nunu player begging Riot with crying eyes to not CertaintlyT him. (No offense. I just don't think something like that should be done to Nunu) I might add on to this post later, but right now, I'm really looking for some discussion. I hope that you guys feel the same way that I do, and I also hope Riot looks at this post. https://media.lolusercontent.com/api/embedly/1/image/resize?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.auplod.com%2Fu%2Flapuoda6bee.png&key=a45e967db0914c7fb472fd4381e6c85b&width=425&height=800

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