I'm Leaving The Boards

The people are hypocrites, mods are trigger happy and take down posts for the most shallow and non-existent reasons, and Rioters don't even bother coming, anymore. Like, why make the Boards if you're not even going to use them? Honestly, I'm surprised it hasn't been deleted, yet. I've been using the Boards to communicate my concerns and thoughts about this game, both positive and negative, since my first account, which was about four or five years ago. In just the last year alone, there has been a highly noticeable drop off of Rioters actually commenting, contributing, and communicating on here. I'm not going to bother if they won't even make the effort of showing up. That's all I had to say, not going to write some three page long essay of how the Boards are dealt with horribly and all the faults they may have. Riot isn't even going to look at it.
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