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HAHAHA So riot gives me a chat restriction and takes away all my honor for one game, I figured I would share you know to show the error of my ways and help prevent other people from being toxic. I was admittedly toxic in the pregame but that was where it stopped I said I would troll but I tried my best in game, and responded as gently as I could to the mayhem of the game. These are some of the logs, Pre-Game Wilyum: what champion is the funnest to troll on Wilyum: no this is patch riot makes useless patches that only make the game worse because they don't know what balance is Wilyum: you banned my pick? Wilyum: i was kidding about trolling Wilyum: but now im going to actually Wilyum: nothing like eating my adc then flashing into the enemy Wilyum: ghost flash to make you int faster In-Game Wilyum: and i thougut Wilyum: i was the troll Wilyum: dying for no reason Wilyum: what i tell ya Wilyum: i knew there would be trolls Post-Game Wilyum: ghost was the reason we lost Wilyum: my bad guys Wilyum: didnt realize me taking ghost would make everyone of you feed Wilyum: i say lots of stuff in pregame Well as you can see I said I was going to troll, and then went Tahm Kench support with flash and ghost. I proceeded to watch my team int feed all game. Here are the final stats of my team, me 1/2/1, jg 1/7/2, adc 1/7/2, mid 0/8/2, and top 1/6/0. I can only hope that everyone can learn from this situation, saying you are going to troll is toxic, and your team int feeding is not. So rather than tell your team you will troll just int feed, riot doesn't ban that they only ban people who say they will troll, but don't. I have reported my fair share of people but no one who feeds ever gets banned, so don't say you'll do it just do it. Riot doesn't care about game balance or how well players do, they only care if you hurt other players feelings. So remember don't say you'll feed just feed.
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