Dodging is good when...

We all know it, we all do it. The infamous Dodging. Is it a bad thing? No, just the opposite. Dodging can save you so much LP when you know when to do it. So i thought that we should have abit of fun here eh? I am gonna post some situations, where dodging is actually the right decision. Feel very free to post your own reasons, memes or serious ones <3. Please do keep in mind that I am talking about Ranked, not Normal. Dodging is good when: 1. someone plays a champ for the first time. 2. someone has a Winrate that does not even come near the 50% mark. 3. someone says "pls dnt ban {{champion:157}} , i main him, i will carry". 4. someone troll picks, e.g someone picks {{champion:157}} (lol) 5. someone says "dnt worry, im Silver 4 smurf". You can post your own reasons, starting from the number 6. Have fun <3
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