TFT Ranked issue that isnt being addressed.

Let me start by stating I have no issues with TFT being added to the game. It brought a lot of the players that left back and was really healthy for the game, but with ranked being added there is an issue I want to address. I don't believe a statement has been made on this, but feel free to correct me. I better not have to play TFT ranked in order to get the max victorious skin. It is already a pain in the butt that I have to get to gold in both flex and twisted tree line, but I can get over it because I enjoy league of legends and a lot of the skills from summoners rift transfer over to twisted tree line. In its most basic form TFT is a different game and is not League of Legends. So please for the love of god don't make people who want those victorious chromas play TFT. I really dont have anything against TFT, but I dont find the game interesting enough to play it.
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