Life without League: One Year Later

This post is going to be long, I'll earmark important things. Maybe a newbie will read this, maybe a veteran. Maybe a downvote bot will come and murder me in my sleep and save me from the torture that is Computer Science. I'm making this as a sort of "educational" posts about what I realized when I stopped being a Leaguer and became someone that plays video games (Not a gamer, there's a difference ) Probably going to rant and ramble, have fun! "Almost made it to Gold, fuck this and Uninstall." So began my journey last year having (unsuccessfully) made it into Gold V promos about three times then calling it quits after I demoted to Silver II. The game was no longer enjoyable for me, I had bought every Champion up to that point (I think Zoe was the last...was it Zoe? Pretty sure it was Zoe.) and gave my all for the game one last day. Since then, I have beaten a lot of other titles including Witchers 1 and 2, worked my way through Monster Hunter World, and even managed to finish BlazBlue's convoluted-ass story. I feel much better, I'm actually enjoying video games for once, and I even found a few gems among my library including Iconoclasts and Bioshock. Was there a purpose to my Quitting? Would I ever return? WOULD THEY FINALLY ACKNOWLEDGE A LOSS OF A PLAYER!?!? order yes, thought about it, and I could really care less honestly. Anyway, I had begun to lose interest in the game starting around June 2016 where I began to tone back on how much I played and started to work my way through my backlog. At the time, I had got frustrated that I wasn't getting better and was disheartened when I saw JackSepticEye place Platinum in Overwatch and led me to the following thought? "Will playing video games make me better at video games?" (There's a logic to it) To that, the answer is kind of. Not saying that playing Minecraft will instantly make you into a God in CS:GO, but things like mechanical skill, game knowledge, and the like do transfer slightly between titles and help you improve overall. Gamers these days go from the starting line to the Finish line without the in-between which has a negative effect on everyone involved. The one major thing I've come to love about playing my games is sitting down and taking my time, experimenting, and trying to do better each time. People have forgotten that video games are just entertainment, they are stupid fun to be had, and should be enjoyed. If you're constantly complaining and angry, why continue to shoot yourself in the foot? Fear of missing out, sunk time, and lost money are concepts that I've pushed out because frankly I want to spend more time happy than mad. Video games have become something like a career, an obligation, almost a necessity. If you don't play them then you're not worth talking to. Add to that the need to judge everyone based off their character. game, or skill level makes it all the more horrible. While many might complain of the Console Wars, nothing compares to the days of Halo Fandom and "You're not a **REAL** Gamer unless..." and proceed to compare dick sizes to how many trophies / gamer score you got. Seriously, nothing ticked me off more than having someone go "Well this game isn't like THIS AMAZING MASTERPIECE." Should mention the above applies to anime as well. You fucks like the same garbage story with someone dying in the middle. I personally want some variety, hell I want a new Tenchi Muyo...getting off-topic a bit. Back to the topic of "Real" gamers, I don't consider myself one. I play video games, but don't consider myself as a gamer. Those who label themselves as such are more than likely in the 25-35 range and buy almost every AAA game that comes out yet complain casuals ruin games. Just my opinion, that's not something I compare everyone to. Now, I mentioned I considered coming back to the game and it has gone from "I want to see how much I've improved" to "eh, what is the point? I'll get addicted again." Besides that, I don't particularly want to re-learn a game based off reflexes. If I want to see how much I've improved: Me when I started fighting games Me now Not shown: me fucking up a thousand times. I STRUGGLED with that basic Noel combo and here I am sitting with several of the trials done PLUS KOF XIII TUTORIAL WHICH IS ACTUAL BULLSHIT ON A PAD! If you have any questions, comments, I'll try to answer, this is going to be my last post here then I'm cutting off everything League. I just kept my eye on it from time to time so I wasn't so far behind if I ever did decide to log in. Now I'm not even going to watch any videos which frankly are all terrible. "OMG I DID THIS, OMG ANIME, OMG IS THIS BUSTED BROKEN OP?????? CLICK TO FIND OUT HOW I SMASHED THIS BRONZE PLAYER FROM CHALLENGER" Seriously, stop shit-stomping the weaklings. We get it, you're good at the game, no need to swing your dick around.
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