Uninhabited Island Survival Level 4

You are stuck on a uninhabited Island and you must survive for 1 Year! You have no means of escape and can not call for help. If you attempt to signal for help, no one will come. After the 1 year(If you survive), you will be transported back home safely. Visual of the Island you are stuck on The Island is the size of New Jersey The island is near South America so it gets very hot there. The temps can go as high as 105 Degrees C or as low as -5 degrees. The Entire Island is Forest. The shore of the Islands do have some beach area but it is very windy and there are some Crocodiles here. There are some edible fruit deep in the forest as well as a few small ponds with fish. There are also plenty of Boar, Deer, Birds(Seagulls), Rabbit and parrots There are several Tigers, Bears and Lions as well. There is a Giant Rhino that likes to headbut humans. What you have 1 friend of your choice from GD A M1A2 SEP however you can only use any military functions on it 3 times for a hour at a time. Let us assume that it has unlimited gas. 25 Pounds of Dried Beef Jerky 2 Gallons of Peach Flavored Water A Pet African wildcat Good Luck Summoner ! Also if you do not come up with a good answer, I will let you know that you died and did not survive. Also note that a bounty hunter named Busty Demoness is hunting you down so don't try to leave a trail.(She is also immortal so you can not kill her)
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