Im gonna try and make Ivern sound overpowered HASHINSHIN STYLE

Its like Riot wanted to make a champion who's sole purpose was to piss the enemy jungler off. He literally unironically literally can go into the enemies jungle and steal their camps with absolutely no counterplay, and if you try to fight him he just roots you for 50 billion years and runs away. Oh also he has a shield that does damage and its up every 2 seconds, Not to mention he literally has Braums ultimate in his own ultimate. This just goes to show that Riot is running out of ideas because they're a shit ass company who jerk off in the bushes. Honestly, though, Ivern just has zero counterplay if he ganks you. If he roots you then the enemy top laner and jungler will come running at you. I honestly feel his Q is just overloaded with bullshit, it's like they brought a bunch of people together and just put all their ideas in one ability. So the roots you then shields, roots, then shields, roots, then shields. NERF IVERN RIOT YOU SHIT ASS COMPANY.
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