Prestige K/DA Evelynn Hey angels, I hope you're all well! Uhm..I just wanted to come on here and share my thoughts with everyone, you can hate me and disagree for what I am about to say or you can agree and support me, but in no way, shape or form am I coming for Riot in a vicious or brutal way, since I know that is a major thing with the boards. In all seriousness I actually love all of Riots pieces, good or bad, and adore all the hard work and dedication they put into each of their designs, stories, and etc! To the point! I want to give my thoughts on this skin as a Model, Makeup Artist and someone who works in the fashion industry and has been/still is for 6 years now , and tell you what I find disappointing about this skin, but things that I absolutely love! I only say this for this specific skin as it costs a lot of money and is a skin that many of you have been waiting for, especially me, for months now! I am now going to cut through the bullshit and be brutally honest, the hair is beautiful but just does not suit Evelynn, the hair color is cute but when you have colors like the car that are rosy pink slight off blues and purples I would of approached the hair to be more of a strawberry blonde or rose gold to accent it. you also could of went with a hairstyle that is more sleek and big like a high ponytail, twin braided side part with a long curly stream or a short wavy/curly bob, this hairstyle gives off more of a country girl vibe then "KPOP" feel and also masks half her face, when models and just average people in general with very well sculpted faces are being presented one thing they teach you is to NEVER mask half their face, unless it is deemed necessary for the situation, because her facial features are beautiful and its hard to admire that when it is completely covered... Hairstyles that would be perfect for this skin, The heels are nice but could go without the gold strap around her ankles, the thigh strap could also be taken off ( remember less could also be MORE, you don't necessarily need so much to add on to an outfit to make it POP ) Two last things is the mini dress and that FU*KING frilled cropped coat, There are so many designs that you could of done to that mini dress ( I will leave some below shortly ) that could of made is scream! Evelynn. Also the cropped frilled coat needs to go...As cute as it is, when you add frills to outfits such as this one you are making a statement to make something cute or very very elegant and classy, as elegant as this skin is, it is supposed to be sexy and very modern pop-like , which frilled coats throws off. Not for all pop star outfits, but for this one? yes, absolutely. Personally for the mini dress I would of went with something tight, sexy and very artistically crafted like these, want something more tight for her? look at these for design and hair color, If I could have worked on this with Riot there are so many things that I would of many...but I just don't have that power WHICH I wish I did or i would of approached this in a whole different direction. This piece is beautiful but for what it is being priced at..very underwhelming, and I was so disappointed to see this. This is still a beautiful skin though, nonetheless, unfortunately I may not be buying this but for those who do like it, you should totally get it, its EVELYNN, shes always worth it! _"Once again... a woman's left unsatisfied."_ {{champion:28}}
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