Nerf Ahri by giving her damage and removing safety

^ Yes I land charms, but after electrocute, ignite, and damage mastery nerfs, Ahri's kit significantly lacks damage. We were supposed to get back season 4 Ahri, but instead we have a SIGNIFICANTLY nerfed damage but massively higher safety Ahri in return. We asked for damage, not tiny damage, but the damage in season 4. Ahri season 4 had dfg, charm amp, and high w and r damages and RANGE (though lower than charm buff current ahri w range). Ahri needs her damage back. I am not playing Ahri so that she is a massively safe champ. She never was designed to be one, an APC should never be said as a safe champ and gut its damage. Even adc like Caitlyn who is considered the safest adc has massive damage late game. Why cant carries do damage? Ahri is the ONLY apc burst mage who lacks SIGNIFICANTLY more damage than any other burst mage. She needs a: REWORK REWORK REWORK REWORK REWORK NOT STRAIGHT OUT BUFF!!!! NOT STRAIGHT OUT BUFF!!! NOT STRAIGHT OUT BUFF!!!! Why am I saying this? This is because people think i am saying to give her buff when infact it will be a nerf. THIS IS A NERF THIS IS A NERF THIS IS A NERF THIS IS A NERF THIS IS A NERF You might ask me why it is a nerf, well if her kit focuses more on damage, then she will have less safety, then her winrate will drop. Anything that lowers winrate is considered a nerf according to GD. NERF NERF NERF NERF NERF NERF NERF NERF
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