I want to apologize to the Chinese community for my thread and comments in the thread

It’s come to my attention that there were several people upset about a thread a made a few days ago about the Chinese players and the Chinede government apparently banning League. First and foremost, I am sincerely sorry for some of the things that I said in that thread. The thread was originally designed to be a joke, as we all know that the stereotypical Chinese players come here and “ruin NA.” I was simply trying to make that into a laughing, lighthearted discussion. However, I lost myself in the moment and took things too far in the comments section. And for that, once again, I am incredibly sorry. There is no excuse for what I’ve said but I would like to at least explain myself so that people can understand that this was a case of bad judgement, not a reflection of my core values and beliefs. I realize that this is the internet and only a handful of you actually know anything about me personally, but I feel compelled to apologize because I do have friends on here that are of Chinese and the last thing I’d want to do is offend them. That’s not even the point really, because whether I have Chinese friends or not doesn’t change some of the things I said. Anyway, I’m rambling so let me explain how I allowed this to go too far... As I stated earlier: we all know the stereotype of Chinese players coming to NA and “ruining games.” After all, stereotypes generally have a grain of truth to them - it’s how they develop to begin with. However, it is lazy thinking and ignorance to succumb to that line of thinking so let me explain the Boogeyman Chinese player to everyone. In all probability, the Chinese players that come here and are overtly toxic are likely players who’ve been banned from China and other regions much closer to them. NA is likely their last stop onto being banned from everywhere. As a result, what you have isn’t Chinese players being toxic naturally and inherently, but you are simply seeing toxic players being toxic, race and ethnicity has nothing to do with it. While Chinese culture may or may not embrace what NA deems as “toxic” culture isn’t relevant - if they’re being toxic, they’re being banned. The reason you don’t see other regions do this is because China is one of the biggest consumers for League and obviously one of the largest countries in the world. This probably happens with most regions, but given that they’re smaller, you likely see it less and aren’t aware of it. This is just a case of toxic players being toxic and it’s entirely possible there’s a large group of Chinese players that play here that just play the game and don’t say a word, while being a positive influence on the game. So, either way, it’s not right or fair to generalize an entire group of players like that based on their ethnicity. Some may see this as backtracking or “caving in.” That isn’t the case. This board already has a tendency to be incredibly narrow minded and bigoted as it is, so I have no problem separating myself from that. And as such, as I stated, i got caught up in the moment and said stupid things. So once again, for the last time, I want to say that I’m sorry for what I said and that there isn’t an excuse for it. I definitely know better than that and I won’t be doing it again. Thanks for hearing me out.
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