Jax with SoJ needs to be looked at seriously

Played a game where we were winning hard, but enemy jax jg was never in a fight. He got 4 kills early and disappeared completely, afk farming for 10 minutes. He had tf steraks, soj, bloodrazer and was 1v3ing suddenly. We killed 4 of them at drag then we hear baron die - the guy solod it with ravenous and those items. After that the rest of his team did not matter at all. He was 1v5 all game. Ended 16/1 was simply unkillable. its straight up nonsense. Even nasus at 5k stacks can be cced and bursted down. if jax is cced during counterstrike he dodges all AAs and 30% reduction from AoE, and his counterstrike is up against instantly when he starts to auto someone. absolute nonsense.
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