What annoys you the most about league of legends?

i have played this game for a couple of years now and have been diamond for past seasons. 1. Alot of games are being decided by 10 mins and its everyone is arguing/ afk / trolling / verbally abusive till we finally get to surrender or "open mid" happens 2. I dont notice this that much in lower ranks but dodging in diamond games occurs consistently and at the last second before the game starts. Also if ur unlucky you'll get an error: The game could not start and you will need to start que up all over again. 3. Other players picking bad champs (with cleanse and ghost) then forcing you or other players in champ select to dodge 4. who ever has the most autofilled players loses most of the time 5. Other things that i cant remember right now what things do you think are wrong right now and do you guys have similar experiences
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