Season 10 mass unban?

It would be sick if there was a massive unban to every toxic banned account from season 8 and below i think it would be fun to have people know that their old account is unbanned and that they might have reformed from being toxic. If this would happen it would be really nice to people that might have lost a lot of their progress in ranked and huge time they have wasted on the game. This would also most likely make the game bigger by unbanning the banned accounts, but also would bring back the toxic people... But as we all know there will always and is always toxic people in this comunity no matter what. This wouldn't really make that huge of a difference since people might have reformed or some hasen't which will result in an obvious ban i mean this could be a good idea if you consider it. You can't really say there will bring more toxic people to the game since the game is filled with toxicity, trollers, inters and just people who /mute all and doesn't communicate in any shape of form This thread is simply just a thing that would make someones day. Imagine tyler1's banned account he would be so happy to get it back and not only him but other people and they would be afraid of getting their accounts banned again which will result in not so much toxicity as you might expect. Some of you might not like this idea but i'd love to see a mass unban it would be awesome to see especially after 10 seasons of this game. And again if you don't agree i am fine with that but i simply think that it's the way to go...
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