If you are in Low Plat or below (I'm gold 1) PLEASE STOP CALLING OTHER PEOPLE BAD AT THE GAME.

I use to be a dumb kid calling everyone bad and other words I don't think I should repeat on the forums. I started playing at 12 so you can imagine what was going on in my mind when I was cursing at everyone and their mamas. Anyway, now that I know how to accept a lost, review my match and make corrections as I go I don't do that shit anymore. Instead of calling someone bad for going 0/5 in lane I try to give em pointers to better their game play, well the best pointers I could give. I'm not down their necks telling them they are bad, they are already having a bad game. Please just stop, everyone in these elos are considered TRASH, T R A S H. You aren't no lcs player or better than the average you are either average or below GET OVER IT.
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