iPav's Response to Teemo Rework

iPav's Opinion about the Teemo Rework [Riot Please.]
Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/ipav999
Hi, I am iPav the Teemo player/streamer. I currently have 3 challenger accounts playing Teemo. I would like to share my response to teemo rework. Account infos. https://na.op.gg/multi/query=alcatraz217%2Ct0pmeme%2Cralfjai%2Cs9pool Stats Pros : Base Mana Buff : Good. Cons : Attack Speed Nerf : Bad. Wave Clear becomes Harder. ------------------------------------------------- Toxic Shot(P) no change overall, deals more dmg to target that got hit by Q or R Too easily countered. Makes Teemo mechanic too "SIMPLE".. ------------------------------------------------- Blinding Dart (Q) Teemo's Q DMG Nerf : Bad Q Max Matchups becomes Difficult. ex. Ryze Match, Pantheon Match etcs. ------------------------------------------------- Move Quick (W) To be all honest, this is the only skill that needs to be buffed. but rito made no change to it. ------------------------------------------------- Guerilla Warfare (E) Uncool. It just feels worse version of twitch. It feels the opposite of Aatrox from the riven. Not a fan of every champions having the same skills. Forces Teemo to be Jungler. being jungler is okay but not "FORCED"... ------------------------------------------------- Noxious Trap (R) Cons. Base dmg decreased : really? bad. Teemo's trap base dmg is already weak enough that it's weaker than allot of champions base spell dmg. but nerf again? ... Pros. Mushroom ammo count increasement is good 3/4/5 Scuttle IMMUNE to shroom is good. Bounce forever is good. ---------------------------------------------------- Conclusion : This change of Teemo will make Teemo to be "BORING" champion to play. Reason is build and playstyle becomes too Simplified Heavy Assasinating Ability Power Build "Luden, lich, dcap" with max Q-E-W only. One dominant build + playstyle that no other builds or plays will be viable at all. I like current Teemo being diversity among matches and players build differently. Over All What I think riot should do, Just buff the Teemo with Pros that's been put up. Manaregen buff, Shroom count, Scuttle immuninity, bounce forever. Additionally, if possible, buff the Move Quick (w) Shorter CD or more speed with activation.
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