Nothing's being done about bot accounts (seemingly)

I am now 1-10 career in ARAM. 7 of those matches are because of bots on our team. This last game was the last straw when I was stuck with 3 bot teammates. I am done. I am sick of going into matches and quickly discovering that I am at a severe disadvantage since we have a teammate that has no sense of self preservation in a teamfight. I am sick of all the BS that comes out of it, and I am sick of getting BS ratings after a game because we lost because we had a bot game. From what I have been seeing in forums and first hand, no one at Riot appears to be taking initiative. If they were, there would be some kind of verification process set in place during account creation. and there sure af would not be this many bots in the community, where I get stuck with them for 7/11 matches that I play on a single gamemode, with different accounts every time. What is being done about these bots? This is beyond inexcusable.
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