Zyra skins NANI!?!(And others)

So ever since the project skins have been teased out like pyke, akali, jinx , ww and irelia, i have been wondering.... why has all the champions who have alrdy gotten their skin early already now get another skin?! This is such treachery and i was hoping that a champion like zyra would get one since it has been 2 years now and there is still no zyra skin for her, and the latest skin she has was only dragon soccerers, which made me feel upset about it! To all developers of riot watching this, i sincerely hope you could at least implement a zyra skin to her as it has been way to long and she still has not receieve a skin yet, ofc i do consider some other champs such as bard, xin zhao and so on so i hope that you could make some skins for all the champs who have not gotten a skin for a very long time such as zyra etc. {{champion:143}} {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
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