exclusion does not foster equality. why even allow the PAX debacle to happen?

you'll find that nearly every single person you meet on the street doesn't want anyone excluded from anything. the whole issue about PAX excluding men or any group should have been shut down from the beginning. talking heads who are in high positions of power in companies lecturing people about their morality should fuck off. none of us unwashed masses want to exclude or deny rights to anyone anymore, its 2018. we all have our own shit to deal with. somehow in our busy schedules of daily bullshit we have to find time to exclude and plot against another group of people? fuck no. daniel z klein should have been fired day 0 after he said the shit he did. then again, he may be just part of a company trying to appear progressive and instead jumping over the line into pure radicalism. other companies have done similar things lately, so it just may be part of a trend. in the end, treat others how you want to be treated. punishing people who want to show up and learn stuff because of a forced-progressive attitude is overall a negative thing to instill in people. and people won't put up with that. notice I said PEOPLE. we're all people, and nearly every one of us agree that excluding others is just not cool. it's 2018. don't force garbage down our throats, please.
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