Abandoning a losing lane is usually ideal. However, there is a certain point where you HAVE to help.

This isn’t exclusively a jungler thing, this really applies to all members of a team. I’ll use a game I played last night. I got roflstomped in lane by an Illaoi is Jax. I screwed up an early push and she managed to freeze it in front of her tower and harass me when I’d try to hard shove to reset the lane (I shouldn’t taken a death or risked it to reset the wave, she got really far ahead because of this). I botched the lane. Not too long in, i was being hardcore denied while she was last hitting really well - again, illaoi, not much of an accomplishment. So very soon, i was down 100 CS and losing my tower. I died once. I decided to give up tower because my team was stomping. I did ask for some help early on but j4 was making plays across the map. There was anywhere for me to really go. I didn’t want to take gold from winning lanes and I didn’t wanna leave lane and give up the next tower for free, opening up our inhib tower. But illaoi kept pushing and i was literally getting no help and it was at a point where one combo of he’s nearly killed me. I literally couldn’t even be in range for experience. Finally, our Leona came to help after I repeatedly asked for help. I didn’t flame, I just pinged and said I really needed help. Instead my team flames me and just tells me to stop losing as if that’s an option when I’m down 100 CS and nearly 3 levels. Regardless, I lost lane - it happens. I opted not to feed so they could actually carry. But this means that at a certain point, you have to help me. Maybe i shouldn’t just left and went bot, or mid, but again, I didn’t want to take gold away from my teammates who were already snowballing. So what happens? Illaoi still keeps pushing, literally isn’t even warding. And she takes my second tower. This whole time I’m begging for help because now illaoi can just take inhib tower and inhib and largely offset their snowball. Guess what? They get rift herald and that’s exactly what happens. And I was flamed so hard for electing not to feed and just depend on my team that was already ahead and I legit got zero help. None. I admit: I played bad. I lost lane and if you even want to blame me for us losing the game, fine. But in reality, if you want to win, you have to do something about a losing lane like that and not wait until it get so out of control that a champion can 1v2, 1v3 and just take your inhib. I couldn’t change how early lane went so I’m not suddenly going to have gold to combat this champion. Stop being miserable, pompous, socially awkward children consumed with spite that they won’t make the simple, easy play because someone has played bad. Because guess what? When I get that L, you’re going to get it, too. And blaming me won’t return your LP or mine; and in fact, all it did was turn a very winnable game into a clown fiesta we ultimately lost because once I did have gold, you people didn’t understand how to macro so we lost to a TP backdoor. Tl:dr, stop being petty and help your losing lane at some point before it becomes detrimental to your team because although they lost lane, it’s equally your fault for not making the correct plays in response to prevent a snowball from happening when you’re already snowballing.
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