My thoughts on how Riot is progressively taking more and more money from us

Doubt they will listen to this but i'd like to share it anyway. They are consciously doing it and that is fact! Whoever think different i would like to remind you of time when new released skins costed 975RP. Money-grabbing shit started when they released emotes - just another way to make quick buck on people who want to have it all. Then there were passes for events, which at first were good for price, you actually got even more than you payed in RP. Another way to grab quick buck on stupid people (i'm sorry but that's how it is) were skins with "real" signature of pro players. If i remember correctly those were massive amounts of RP for literally signature on loading screen (lol). Now every skin released is at least 1350RP and comes with chromas, icons and even fucking wards. This is another way to to get "better deal" for less money (yeah right). New money-grabbing shit are "prestige" skins - also first one (Kai'Sa) was grinding skin, came also with price but nothing compared to newly relased prestige Aatrox Edit; Forgot to add almighty "Hextech" skins in this thread. Yup very good skins, each and every one of those, but are they worth over 200$?
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