Riot, stop using teamfight tactics as an excuse to be lazy.

I'm sure a lot of people have conflicted opinions on TFT, I personally think it can be good, but it just isn't that good right now. And I'm also sure riot has put a lot of effort into TFT, from design to balance to game-play. But at this point, riot has kind of went, "We made TFT! Now we will do the bare minimum until we pull a twisted treeline/dominion on TFT." It seems like every time riot says, we can't do this now or we are going to stop doing this, TFT is involved. Rotating game modes? Nah we gotta work on TFT. Continuing work on nexus blitz? TFT is more important dude. Making skins that aren't just continuations on previous skin lines, with little to no variation? But have you heard of TFT? (Just for your information, not including holiday skins with new themes, there are 3 entirely new skins sets from 2019, being papercraft battle academia and demcian vice.) Riot has even stopped putting out new login screens. I don't know if TFT is actually putting this much pressure on riot, or if riot is using this as an excuse to only focus on TFT, but riot has been putting out less content, and the content that comes out is more and more superficial. Missions and orbs are not content, riot.
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