Dynamic borders were a fantastic idea.

No idea how anybody could even complain about this. You now get to show off your rank as you climb, not having to wait an entire year to show off your newly achieved rank. You will start off lower rank, but assuming you didn't get boosted last season it would only take a few weeks to climb back to your previous rank. You should also be reaching new ranks each season, which means you will get a better border deeper into the season. Also, for people that didn't play the previous season they're still allowed to show off their rank. It's a great idea. The only reason I can think of people being against it is they got boosted last season so they could have the border for the entire season, and now they'd have to actually earn their border themselves or get boosted and risk losing it throughout the season. There is no reason why a diamond player should have a gold border and vice versa.
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